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Fibreglass Resurfacing
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Aqualine Pool Resurfacing Pty Ltd, in Sydney NSW, offers pool resurfacing, restorations, pool renovations, and pool coatings, for the resuration of all types of swimming pools. Aqualine Pool Resurfacing NSW uses the latest, world leading, Aquaguardpool resurfacing, pool renovation and restoration Fibreglass technology for pool resurfacing. We offer our, market leading, pool resurfacing and renovation, restoration and coating services in NSW, Click here for a free quotation
Aqualine Pool Resurfacing is a licensed and fully insured pool resurfacing, renovations, restoration and coating company -providing you with the most professional, cost effective, pool resurfacing, 
renovations and restoration solutions on the market. The coating we apply resolves many typical pool issue including fixing leaks, cracks, osmosis, rust, damaged mouldy pool surfaces as well as updating and modernising your pool.

Our products are especially designed to handle the unusually harsh Australian conditions. This is why, with our Fibreglass resurfacing, renovations or restorations, Aqualine Pool Resurfacing NSW is confident that you are getting the best, most resilient swimming pool surface on the market. We also back it up with a seven year warranty - our Epoxy pool painting comes with a standard one year warranty.
You could also join many of our satisfied customers who are enjoying the performance we offer with our Fibreglass pool resurfacing and Epoxy swimming pool painting systems. To see what many of our customers had to say about our quality and service on our references page or contact us to get a verbal referral click here 
So if you're after a new look for your swimming pool and require prompt professional service then leave your full details on our enquiry page click here and we will give you an estimated price by phone or email on your choice of resurfacing, renovations or restorations.
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