Pool Resurfacing Renovations

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Pool Resurfacing, Restorations and Renovations Using the Aquaglaze Fibreglass System

Aquaglaze Pool Resurfacing, is the leading pool resurfacing company in Sydney NSW an offers pool resurfacing, restorations, pool renovations, and pool coatings, for the restoration of all types of swimming pools. Aquaglaze uses the latest, world leading, Aquaglaze pool resurfacing, pool renovation and restoration Fibreglass technology for pool resurfacing. We offer our, market leading, pool resurfacing and renovation, restoration and services in NSW. Click here for a free quotation
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Aquaglaze is a licensed and fully insured pool resurfacing, renovations, restoration and coating company providing you with the most professional, cost effective, pool resurfacing, renovations and restoration solutions on the market. The coating we apply resolves many typical pool issue including fixing leaks, cracks, osmosis, rust, damaged mouldy pool surfaces as well as updating and modernising your pools appearance.
No matter what the original surface of your swimming pool we will be able to apply a suitable surface coating that will transform your old worn out pool back to the centre piece of you entertainment area again. Take a look at our before and after picture page to see for yourself the difference a new surface or renovation will make to your pool. 

Aquaglaze products are especially designed to handle the unusually harsh Australian conditions. This is why, with our Fibreglass resurfacing, renovations or restorations, Aquaglaze Resurfacing NSW is confident that you are getting the best, most resilient swimming pool surface on the market. 

You could also join many of our satisfied customers who are enjoying the performance we offer with our Fibreglass pool resurfacing system.

To see what many of our customers had to say about our quality and service on our references page or contact us to get a verbal referral click here 
So if you're after a new look for your swimming pool and require prompt professional service then leave your full details on our enquiry page click here and we will give you an estimated price by phone or email on your choice of resurfacing, renovations or restorations.

Also feel free to phone one of our team for advice on your swimming pool problems and maintenance. We will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Why Aquaglaze Fibreglass for Pool Resurfacing, Restorations

Fibreglass pool resurfacing vs. Plaster / Pebblecrete for Resurfacing of Swimming Pool
The following are several reasons to consider Fibreglass resurfacing as an alternative to re-Plaster / Pebblecreteing a swimming pool:
  • Fibreglass is much stronger than Plaster / Pebblecrete.   
  • Fibreglass has its own structural integrity regardless of what it is applied to, while Plaster / Pebblecrete is brittle and relies upon the surfaces it is applied to for most of its strength.    
  • Common failures with re-Plaster / Pebblecreteed pools are: Cracking, Chipping and “Pop-Offs”. These occur because new Plaster / Pebblecrete applied to an existing Gunnite / Plaster / Pebblecrete pool does not bond well. Fibreglass does bond well to any existing swimming pool, and is not susceptible to these failures.    
The flexible characteristics of Fibreglass allow it to withstand earth movement and shifts in a swimming pool much longer, while Plaster / Pebblecrete will crack and chip almost immediately.    
  • Fibreglass provides superior resistance to stains, algae, and discoloration.   
    • Fibreglass is nonporous; therefore algae, even black algae, will not adhere to it.    
    • The two most common pool stains, copper oxide and calcium, adhere to Plaster / Pebblecrete’s porous surface and are almost impossible to remove entirely. Acid washing is the only way to fight these stains. This method damages the pool surface each time making it more susceptible to both staining and algae. The smooth finish of Aqualine's Fibreglass shell, make it resistant to these common problems.   
    • It is common for Plaster / Pebblecrete to discolour within a few short months which gives an uneven pattern to the look of the pool surface. Aqualine's finish coat gives each pool a uniform colour and will stay this way for the life of the surface.    

  • A Fibreglass shell reduces operational costs of the pool.   
    • re-Plaster / Pebblecreteing will usually last only 5-7yrs. Aqualine's Fibreglass shell will last 5-6 times longer resulting in less money spent over the lifetime of your pool.   
    • Since organic material is more easily removed from the pool, less chlorine is needed to maintain an acceptable residual. No lye or alkaline chemicals are absorbed into the pool water from Fibreglass so proper pH is easier to maintain.    
    • The nonporous Fibreglass surface is easier to maintain. A pool with a Fibreglass finish is easier to clean, brush and vacuum.    
  • Fibreglass is a superior pool resurfacing product. 
    • Our finish-coat stays much smoother than a Plaster / Pebblecrete finish.
    • Fibreglass is a proven product that has been used for many years in numerous industrial applications including automobiles, airplanes, industrial tank liners and spas. It has been used in the area of resurfacing swimming pools for over Fifty years. 

Before & After pictures

Customer References for Aquaglaze Pool Resurfacing, Restorations and Renovations

Customer References for Pool Resurfacing, Restorations and RenovationsBelow are some samples of our references from satisfied customers.   
One of our biggest fans Holly the Husky gave us a great reference
"When it came to resurfacing our tired old concrete pool we looked at quartz surfaces painted finishes and Fibreglass. We received quotes from many companies and decided on Aqualine because they exactly addressed our needs and looked to be good value for money.
Dog sitting next to the pool
The renovation job commenced right on time and run exactly as per the quotation and proposed works. At all times the Aqualine folk were highly professional and paid great attention to detail. The workmanship was excellent and the finished job looks absolutely outstanding. We would be very happy to recommend Aqualine to any other pool owners with a prospective renovation job. It was a pleasure to deal with Aqualine and the after sales service has been flawless. Overall a first rate company."
Rob Sawyer, St Ives
"The results are amazing and the pool looks great. Not only is the pool looking great you did it for a third of the price. Despite our original hesitation we are very impressed. Thanks for fitting us in quickly" 
Mark Vickers
"We would thoroughly recommend Roy John and Aqualine Pool Resurfacing NSW for any pool repair job and encourage you to look at the before and after photos of our pool to see the quality of workmanship that was carried out"
Gary and Kiera Lewis
"We would like to congratulate the team that carried out the work it was first class" - "We would recommend Aqualine Pool Resurfacing NSW to anyone having their pool resurfaced"
E&J Jarvis

"Thank you for all your hard work on the pool, the colour looks great"
Jo and Mark Grey

"I think the kids are going to enjoy the pool this summer and we no longer have to worry about a leaking pool" - "We'll certainly recommend your work and expertise"
Victor and Edalina dos Santos
"I would just like to say what a wonderful job you did on our pool it looks fantastic, you did a top job and i also liked how you were always in contact with us on every aspect of the pool. I would highly recommend you to everyone. Thank you once again.

"Thank you once again for your services. We are very happy with the final outcome"
You could also join many of our satisfied customers who are enjoying the performance we offer with our Fibreglass pool resurfacing and Epoxy swimming pool painting system. So if you're after a new look for your swimming pool and require prompt service then leave your full details on our enquiry page click here and we will give you an estimated price by phone or email on your choice of resurfacing.

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