Vinyl Liner Conversion

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Convert your Vinyl liner pool to an Aquaglaze Fibreglass pool

There has never been a better time to throw out your old vinyl liner! When your Vinyl liner starts to leak, crack, discolour or generally fall apart, before you repair or replace it - speak to us and find out how we can convert your pool to Fibreglass. Not only will you save money on chemicals and repairs, you will also save money in the long term on continually having to replace or patch the Vinyl liner which at best will last 10-15 years in comparison to 20-25 years with Fibreglass. Aquaglaze is a licensed and fully insured pool Resurfacing, Renovations, Restoration and coating company -providing you with the most professional, cost effective, pool Resurfacing, Renovations and restoration solutions on the market. The coating we apply resolves many typical pool issue including fixing leaks, cracks, osmosis, rust, damaged mouldy pool surfaces as well as updating and modernising your pool.
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Backed by our statutory warranty you will have peace of mind that you will have trouble free use of your pool for the next 20 plus years

Fibreglass resurfacing will be the last resurface you will need to do to your pool. For a free quotation click here 
Here are some examples of past conversions 
Professional working on the resurfacing of the pool
View of the pool after fibreglass resurfacing

This is how we do it...

  • Pool water is pumped out and the liner and clip band is removed  
  • The surface is prepared for Fibreglass resurfacing.  
  • A Vinyl Ester primer coat (substrate adhesion coat) is applied
  • We then apply Vinyl Ester / Fibreglass reinforced laminate   
  • Then we coat the laminate with Vinyl Ester filler coat (chemical barrier and enhances the quality of the finished surface)  
  • Then Aquaguard ® top coat, the waxy colourful protective barrier.    
  • After the filling of your swimming pool you will be ready to dive in and enjoy your 'new pool'. 
For those who do not want to convert to Fibreglass here are some tips to maintain your pool.Click here
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So if you're after a new look for your swimming pool and require prompt service then leave your full details on our enquiry page click here and we will give you an estimated price by phone or email on your choice of resurfacing.

Also feel free tophone one of our teamfor advice on your swimming pool problems and maintenance. We will be happy to assist you.

Vinyl Liner Repair Tips

Liner bead coming out of the track?   
Liners are meant to fit tightly into the shape of the pool. If the liner was installed slightly off center, or if the liner is too large or too small for the pool's shape, you might experience the bead popping out of the track.  
With the use of a heat gun or blow dryer and a lot of elbow grease, the liner can be stretched and locked back into the track. I was also informed by a pool tech recently that boiling hot water works well when you need to stretch a liner. 
It's usually a lot of pulling and pushing to get a liner back into the track. In some cases you'll need to lower the water level a foot or more if it is out very far. Better to put back in small areas than to wait until you have to lower the water. Use of a small hair dryer (blow dryer) can heat up the liner, making it more stretchable, and easier to get back into the track. Be careful, keep the dryer moving and not too close to the vinyl!, if you drop the dryer into the water, don't reach in to grab it, you could become electrocuted.
Liner losing its color?  
The original color of your liner will fade with the use of chemicals and the effects of the Sun. Harsh chemicals and high concentrations of such are to be avoided. This will remove the plasticizers which give liners their resiliency, leading to brittle vinyl.

Vinyl liner leaking?   
Not an uncommon problem. Liners are typically manufactured in 20 mil thickness 02 99990464 mil option). Punctures will happen. Especially as the liner ages, losing its resiliency. If you are fortunate enough to see a small hole in the liner, simply patch it with a vinyl liner patch kit. If underwater, buy a "wet" patch kit. If the source of the leak isn't readily apparent you will need to employ  .
If you are adding more than one inch of water to your pool per week, discounting splashed-out and backwash waste water, you probably have a leak. Do not allow leaks to go unchecked. Leaks can washout supporting back fill behind the walls, corrode the walls, and may wash away sand on the floor, creating large sinkholes.  
It is not advised to drain your vinyl liner pool, or allow it to leak out below the level of the walls. The water in the pool holds the liner tightly against the walls and floor. If the water is removed, the liner must be reset with a vacuum to suck the liner into place while filling. Otherwise, large wrinkles may appear when filling a loose fitting liner. In addition, an empty liner pool may allow rain water to seep in under the walls, washing away and destroying the specifically contoured shape of the floor. There also exists the risk of a wall collapsing or caving in. Consult a professional for assistance in these areas.  
Never add undiluted granular chemicals, specifically pH de-creaser and Calcium Hypochlorite (shock) directly to the pool. These particles will settle to the bottom, "bleach" the vinyl, and compromise it's strength and resiliency.  
Resetting your vinyl liner: If the liner has been drained, or leaked out on it's own, it will need to be "sucked back" into place with a vacuum device to remove the air between the liner and the pool shell (walls/ floor).  
The vacuum will be in place until the water level is at a predetermined point on the wall. The vacuum is then removed, and the pool continues to fill. This is necessary to ensure proper fit, and reduce or eliminate wrinkles in the vinyl. Prices will vary on labor and trip costs involved, but expect a few hundred dollars when it's all said and done.

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